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Insight on Health Care

For an unusual perspective on our secular society’s obsession with nationalized health care read Humanism and Health Care, by Peter Leithart on the First Things website.

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  1. If we get socialized healthcare we will soon have the same mess as other socialized nations have with waits for tests and surgeries, loss of doctors, over used facilities leading to more staff infections, etc.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  03/07  at  01:24 AM
  2. Each individual human being possesses a unique, highly
    developed, and sensitive perception of variety. Thus
    aware, man is endowed with a natural capability for enact-
    ing internal mental and external physical selectivity.
    Quantitative and qualitative choice-making thus lends
    itself as the superior basis of an active intelligence.

    Human is earth's Choicemaker. His title describes
    his definitive and typifying characteristic. Recall
    that his other features are but vehicles of experi-
    ence intent on the development of perceptive
    awareness and the following acts of decision and
    choice. Note that the products of man cannot define
    him for they are the fruit of the discerning choice-
    making process and include the cognition of self,
    the utility of experience, the development of value-
    measuring systems and language, and the accultur-
    ation of civilization.

    The arts and the sciences of man, as with his habits,
    customs, and traditions, are the creative harvest of
    his perceptive and selective powers. Creativity, the
    creative process, is a choice-making process. His
    articles, constructs, and commodities, however
    marvelous to behold, deserve neither awe nor idol-
    atry, for man, not his contrivance, is earth's own
    highest expression of the creative process.

    Human is earth's Choicemaker. The sublime and
    significant act of choosing is, itself, the Archimedean
    fulcrum upon which man levers and redirects the
    forces of cause and effect to an elected level of qual-
    ity and diversity. Further, it orients him toward a
    natural environmental opportunity, freedom, and
    bestows earth's title, The Choicemaker, on his
    singular and plural brow.

    - from The HUMAN PARADIGM

    Socialistic 'solutions' will never 'work' for a very simple reason. Socialism is 'a theory' based on an inaccurate/false definition of human nature.
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  03/07  at  10:25 AM
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