The View From 1776

Liberal Hypocrisy

Columnist Thomas Sowell spotlights the yawning gulf between liberal deeds and liberal pretensions of moral superiority.

Everett Sherrett emailed an article by Thomas Sowell titled Who Really Cares?  The entire piece can be accessed at the Jewish World Review website.

Professor Sowell writes, in part:

One of the most pervasive political visions of our time is the vision of liberals as compassionate and conservatives as less caring. It is liberals who advocate “forgiveness” of loans to Third World countries, a “living wage” for the poor and a “safety net” for all.

?But these are all government policies ? not individual acts of compassion ? and the actual empirical consequences of such policies are of remarkably little interest to those who advocate them.

.......People who identify themselves as conservatives donate money to charity more often than people who identify themselves as liberals. They donate more money and a higher percentage of their incomes.

?It is not that conservatives have more money. Liberal families average 6 percent higher incomes than conservative families.

?You may recall a flap during the 2000 election campaign when the fact came out that Al Gore donated a smaller percentage of his income to charity than the national average. That was perfectly consistent with his liberalism.

?So is the fact that most of the states that voted for John Kerry during the 2004 election donated a lower percentage of their incomes to charity than the states that voted for George W. Bush.

..... Conservatives not only donate more money to charity than liberals do, conservatives volunteer more time as well. More conservatives than liberals also donate blood.

.... Those on the left proclaimed their moral superiority in the 18th century and they continue to proclaim it in the 21st century. What is remarkable is how long it took for anyone to put that belief to the test ? and how completely it failed that test.

?The two visions are different in another way. The vision of the left exalts the young especially as idealists while the more conservative vision warns against the narrowness and shallowness of the inexperienced. This study found young liberals to make the least charitable contributions of all, whether in money, time or blood. Idealism in words is not idealism in deeds.

The point about the young is especially troubling.  We are seeing the bitter fruit of nearly a century of teaching by our colleges and universities, which were increasingly undermined, and now dominated, by atheistic, socialistic teaching staffs. 

The Old Testament records what happens when people turn away from God.

Without God’s help, perhaps through a new Great Religious Awakening, our nation is doomed to being overrun by callow, ignorant, anti-American college graduates who care only about personal debauchery, who believe that fighting for our national survival is a crime against humanity.

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