The View From 1776

Canadian Kulturkampf

For a foretaste of what happens when a nation is riven by deep cultural divisions, look northward to Canada.  Their split between French Quebec and the rest of Canada is an analog of our struggle for the soul of the United States against the liberal jihadists.

One of my favorites, John Lawrence’s Conservative Joe website, reports the latest in decades-long maneuvering by French Canadians to subvert the Canadian nation and align themselves with their Continental French, socialist forebears.

See the November 24 posting titled Duceppe Gets Sideswiped.

Canada, like the United States, tends, albeit more strongly, toward liberal-socialism, with conservative governments in power only episodically.  In the United States we suffer from the continual assaults by liberal-socialist-progressives against the Judeo-Christian moral foundations of our nation.  In Canada the Gallic eastern province of Quebec wages continual cultural war against everything English, from language to spiritual religion. 

Thus are civil wars born.

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