The View From 1776

Free-market Competition is Barbarism?

Senator Charles Schumer opposes lower prices for consumers, if they are set by the free-market.

Senator John Kerry is not the only Francophile socialist in the upper ranks of Democratic Party policy-makers.  New York’s Senator Charles Schumer, the author of filibusters to prevent Senate consideration of judicial nominees, is zealous to protect consumers against Merk’s plan to price one of its drug below the generic drug price.  He has written the Federal Trade Commission to declare:  “I find this practice highly disturbing and anticompetitive.”

It’s anticompetitive to compete with generic drug manufacturers when the result is lower prices for consumers?

According to Yahoo News, “A New York senator accused the drug giant Merck & Co. on Tuesday of conspiring to undercut a cheaper generic alternative to its cholesterol-lowering drug Zocor just days before it becomes available to patients.

“Sen. Charles Schumer (news, bio, voting record), a Democrat, charged that Merck is quietly collaborating with health insurance companies to create lower copays for customers buying Zocor than for those buying the generic equivalent.”

Now this all makes sense if you view it from the socialist perspective.

The Senator apparently believes that you and I are not able to make decisions on our own.  We need the nurturing support of hundreds of pages of Federal regulations to tell us what not to do and what to do.

Remember that President Clinton opposed tax cuts in his first term, because, he said, people would spend the money on the wrong things.

The French connection was explained by Alexis de Tocqueville.  In “Democracy in America,” he wrote that French socialism is a system under which no village is too small to have at least one official from Paris whose duty is to prevent any sort of local initiative.

Since the Revolution of 1789, French intellectuals, the government, and a good part of the citizenry have perceived market competition as barbaric, uncivilized conduct.

Their religion, socialism, decrees that competition arises from private ownership of property, which is the genesis of society’s crime and war.  A civilized society like that of France will leave prices and availabilities to the elite graduates of the Hautes Ecoles, who are the only ones qualified to plan how people are to live.

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