The View From 1776

Flipper the (non-Navy) Seal

Senator Kerry was brave before he was a coward, before he was .....

Today’s Washington Times’s article reports:

“Sen. John Kerry said yesterday that redeploying combat troops from Iraq by July 2007 is the best way to “empower” the fledgling nation, despite accusations from Republicans and Democrats that his plan for withdrawal is irresponsible.”

In other words, when you look out your window and see your neighbor being beaten by thugs, “empower” him by looking the other way.

Never mind that the Iraqi government have repeatedly rejected that idea.

The background, of course, is that in Vietnam Senator Kerry was supposedly a wounded hero; returning home he immediately took to the ramparts to denounce his fellow troops, falsely alleging atrocities and lying to that effect in testimony before a Congressional committee.

More recently, Senator Kerry voted for the invasion of Iraq, voted for additional funding for troops in battle, then voted against that funding, then declared that he was, all along, opposed to the invasion.

We need a dial-up service to report, “At the tone, Senator Kerry’s position will have changed to ...”

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