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Democrats Have Become the Party of

The Conservative Voice reviews a new book that illuminates the Democratic party’s obsession with hedonistic license.

Democrats Have Become the Party of “Sex, Crime, and Corruption”

Washington, DC ? Political scandals seem to have become the norm in
Washington DC. From Jack Abramoff to President Clinton and Monica Lewinski,
the scandals do not appear to follow the party lines ? at least on the
surface. But a closer look at the history of political scandal reveals
something completely different.

In their new book, DONKEY CONS: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic
Party veteran reporters Lynne Vincent and Robert Stacey McCain, discover
that the truth lies in the history.

From bribery and kickbacks to sex scandals, espionage, terrorism, and rape,
DONKEY CONS chronicles, for the first time, the panorama of Democratic crime
and corruption. Vincent and McCain have generated a truly impressive
retrospective compilation of incidents and scandal that clearly demonstrates
the breadth of the problem and leaves the reader wondering what comes next.

Thoroughly researched, using anecdotes and intimate details, this book shows
the serial corruption within the Clinton presidency wasn?t an anomaly, but
the logical legacy of the modern Democratic ethos. As author McCain says,
?The Democratic Party is like the Gambino mob with matching federal funds.?

As the 2006 election season approaches, DONKEY CONS is not only a look at
what the Democratic Party has become, it is a glimpse into the future and an
invaluable resource for every American voter.

Lynn Vincent is features editor at World Magazine, where she covers news,
politics, and current events. She also teaches in the World Journalism
Institute. Vincent resides in San Diego, California.

Robert Stacy McCain is an assistant national editor for the Washington
Times. His series of columns on the National Standards for U.S. History won
the George Washington Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.
McCain resides in Washington, D.C.

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