The View From 1776

Illegals’ “Rights”

Protests in LA, Phoenix, Houston, and elsewhere prompt a couple of observations.

The news media have given lots of coverage, including photos and TV footage, to the street mobs protesting against immigration legislation now before Congress.  What I’ve seen prompts questions and observations:

1.  How did these “spontaneous” demonstrations happen simultaneously in cities so widely separated?  Did some liberal, anti-Bush group organize and coordinate them?

2.  Was the purpose to inflict further damage on the President’s opinion-poll ratings? Or was it to block efforts to stop illegal immigration?  Why cause grief to President Bush, when he has alienated his core-conservative backers by continuing to push for some sort of policy that would be favorable to the illegals?

3.  Placards carried by demonstrators in all of the street marches proclaimed similar messages, such as “Immigrants Have Rights” and “America was built by immigrants.”  This is sophistic baloney.  Few people today object to legal immigrants who pay taxes.  Illegal, non-taxpaying immigrants should have no legal rights to remain here, to receive welfare benefits, or to send their kids to public schools or American colleges at taxpayers’ expense.

4.  What underlies most people’s opposition to present immigration policies and their insufficient implementation is, in fact, a sense of fair play.  Why should we finance these people, most of whom in cities like LA openly declare that they owe no allegiance to the United States and consider themselves still to be citizens of Mexico or other nations.

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