The View From 1776

Hollywood’s Anti-Americanism

Fiction in movies is a strikingly effective propaganda tool for ‘educating’ viewers.  It’s no secret that, since the 1930s, socialists have exercised growing influence over Tinsel Town’s output.

Movie viewers tend to suspend disbelief when they watch a film.  Even though they know they are watching fiction, they absorb much of the attitudes projected by the movie script and assume that the circumstances portrayed are factual.

Leni Riefenstahl’s movies, made under the direction of Joseph Goebbels, were hugely influential in selling the Nazi program to the German people in the 1930s.

The Communist Party recognized the propaganda power of movies at the same time and set out to gain control of Hollywood script writers and directors.  Ronald Reagan, as president of the Screen Actors Guild, had to spend much of his time fighting them.

Regarding the essential role of propaganda, I wrote in Conspiracy Susceptibility:

“By definition liberalism necessitates aggregating its political subjects into economic and social classes.? The mechanism for doing this is propaganda, as exemplified in the forty-year pamphleteering run-up to the French Revolution that put rampaging mobs into the streets.? Social and economic classes must be made to believe that they are the victims of conspiratorial forces in order to justify punitive action against enemies of the socialist party.? Hitler?s National Socialism would never have gained control of Germany without the propaganda genius of Joseph Goebbels, the master of the Big Lie.

“People must be inculcated with the gnostic belief that only the collectivized political state can provide their salvation.”

Writer Wes Vernon makes a compelling presentation of past and ongoing liberal-socialist influence, today dominant, in Hollywood on the UsaSentinel website.

Columnist Marie Jon’ describes the same phenomenon among journalists in her article on the Renew America website.

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