The View From 1776

Free to Fornicate

With endless hand-wringing, Democrats bemoan the lack of a cogent message for the upcoming Congressional elections.  They can stop the search.  Their blindingly obvious, central message has long since been established by Senators Schumer, Kennedy, and Leahy.

The Democratic Party leadership, captured by its extreme liberal wing, have come to stand (or stoop) for down-in-the-gutter hedonism, for which the symbolism is abortion ‘rights.’  Along with abortion comes the baggage of sexual promiscuity, marital infidelity, drug abuse, and the John-Dewey-pragmatism of Enron’s executives.

Baby Boomer anarchists of the 1960s and 1970s were aptly labeled the “me generation.”  Their self-centered, short-sighted hedonism is also manifested in their heedless disregard for the crushing tax burden that their Social Security and Medicare retirement benefits will impose on today’s youth when they reach adulthood.

New Orleans is a quintessential example of what the Democratic Party’s self-indulgent welfare-state produces: more than 200,000 people who have no clue about helping themselves, because they have been corrupted for generations by the welfare-state.  Fittingly, the instinctive proposal of New Orleans’s mayor for rebuilding the city was to turn its central business district into a huge gambling joint.

The Democrats have, since the 1930s, been the party of ‘progress.’  In the New Deal of that day progress meant socialistic materialism implemented by state-planning under a collectivized government in Washington, DC.

Since the 1960s Democratic Party ‘progress’ has followed the lead of Freudian theory: human beings are simply one step up from Darwin’s apes, driven by animal urges to sexual promiscuity.  One of award-winning TV producer David E. Kelley’s characters in “Boston Legal” sums up the liberal view nicely with the profound observation that people are just sexual animals, so why fight it.

In that view, the entire apparatus of the political state is meant to transfer responsibility for self-abusive behavior from the individual to the collectivized state.  The message of the Democratic Party, however much its rank and file may cling to traditional values, is indulge yourself and leave the driving to us.

This supposedly is the meaning of the Bill of Rights.

Liberals in Hollywood, mainstream media, and Congress genuflect, before anything else, to the pagan worship of casual sex.  Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, together with Senator Charles Schumer and his two stalwarts on the Sentate Judiciary Committee, Teddy Kennedy and Patrick Leahy,  have made it clear that Democrats will not support appointment to office of a Christian or anyone else who opposes unrestricted abortion.  No other criterion matters. 

George Washington wouldn’t pass muster with today’s Democratic Party leaders.

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