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Thought Police on the Internet?

A couple of traditionalist blogs recently have encountered what may be PC, thought-police suppression.

It may be purely coincidental, but two traditionalist blogs have at roughly the same time been black-listed or threatened with disbarment from an internet service provider in what seems to be an arbitrary manner.  Maybe it’s paranoia, but the suspicion is unavoidable that this may be an additional liberal tactic, along with threats to bar some conservative websites for supposedly violating campaign finance laws. 

Alain’s Newsletter was informed by Google that it would not be included in sites referenced by Google, because in Google’s opinion the site publishes hate-speech.  Take a look at the site yourself.  I doubt that you will agree with Google.

As another blogger pointed out, Google’s webcrawler trawls Al Jazeera, apparently not finding its blatant support of Al Queda’s call for liquidation of the Western world to be hate-speech.

Larry Auster’s View From The Right was without warning deactivated by his website host.  Fortunately, as he explains, that action was reversed equally mysteriously.

VFR is back!
Dear VFR readers,
My hosting service, re-activated View from the Right at 7:56 p.m. Sunday evening March 19 after suddenly and without warning de-activating it on Friday morning March 17.
As relieved as I am, the end of this Kafkaesque experience is as Kafkaesque as the beginning, because, just as the reasons for my website?s being suddenly taken offline were obscure, seemingly arbitrary, and required my pushing myself against impenetrable layers of incommunicative bureaucracy to learn the truth of why this had happened and how to solve the problem, the ending is also without apparent reason. The note from Hostica simply says:

Dear Lawrence Auster,
This letter is to inform you that the following account has been reactivated ?

A followup note is no more informative:

Hello Lawrence Auster
After discussing the issue with my supervisor, and based on our correspondence from SpamCop, we have decided to re-activate your account.

No explanation. Power speaks, and it is done. I can only assume that I did enough serious apologizing and begging to enough people to be treated favorably at last. Such are the relations between subject and powerholder in the ?zero-tolerance? regime that is the logical end result of modern liberalism.
Thanks very much to everyone for your expressions of concern and support during this three day detour from reality.
Larry Auster

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