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PBS: Inadvertent Truth From Corrupt Mouths

PBS’s Nova series program, “Isaac Newton’s Dark Secret,” makes the case for Intelligent Design , which doubtless was not intended.

The Nova series program on Isaac Newton aired on PBS, one of the official media venues for propagandizing the secular materialism of socialist religiosity.

The program focus is the unexpected discovery among Newton’s unpublished notebooks that he was intensely interested in alchemy.  How, asks the program narrator, could Isaac Newton, the greatest name in modern science, have been so involved with medieval ignorance?

The answer made clear near the end of the program is that Newton was engaged in what amounted to the beginnings of modern chemistry.  His specific goal remains unknown, but the experimental processes he employed were carefully documented and can be replicated today.  Scientists doing so have found that Newton was discovering the basic properties of chemicals and minerals, hoping to find ways via chemistry to transform base materials into more valuable ones.

In between, Nova provides a summation of Newton’s discoveries that are the foundation of modern science, work that is considered to be the greatest of all scientific achievements, without which modern science would not exist. 

Newton laid out the laws of motion and the mathematics of gravity and the motions of planets and other orbiting objects.  Using his work, it became possible to predict the positions of planets and moons with exactitude.  It was Newton whose mathematics demonstrated that the planets and moons move in elliptical orbits, not the circular orbits assumed by Galileo and other predecessors.

Among his discoveries is that white light is actually a combination of the rainbow’s colors, along with his invention of the mirror telescope still used today in the world’s great mountain-top observatories and in our space satellite observatories.  Newton also invented calculus, and while serving as head of the Royal Mint, recommended to Parliament the gold content of the British Pound Sterling that for so long was the world’s standard of sound money.

In the course of revealing all of this to the viewers, Nova casually glosses over Newton’s most fundamental view, the very one that enabled him to make his astonishing discoveries of the laws of motion and the mathematics of gravitational attraction that govern the movements of planets and other material bodies in space.

That absolutely essential view was Newton’s perception that the entire universe is the product of the mind of God and that, therefore, all matter anywhere in the universe is subject to the same sets of physical and mathematical laws created by God.  In fact, Newton is quoted as writing that the universe is pervaded by Intelligent Design.

Darwinians and other devotees of socialistic scientism deny Intelligent Design, yet find it convenient continually to refer to the laws of chemistry and physics without concerning themselves with how those necessary laws came to be.  The unfathomable vastness, perfection, and orderliness of the universe is, in their minds, just a random accident, despite the infinitesimally small odds of an accident on such a scale. 

It is easier for such “scientists” to rely on an unprovable belief in atheistic secularism, which backfires at every turn in the real world, while ignoring the incontrovertible evidence that Intelligent Design suffuses every aspect of the universe, of life, and our perception of it.

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