The View From 1776

The Hypocrisy of Tolerance

Yale, it appears, tolerates only the materialistic religion of secular humanism.

Naomi Schaefer Riley is the author of “God on the Quad.”  Writing in the weekend section of today’s Wall Street Journal, she covers most of the points asserted in Man Alone at Yale; God Need Not Apply.

Ms. Riley’s article and mine deal with Yale’s recent decision to boot the United Church of Christ out of its main campus chapel, making it non-denominational and completely divorced from the Scriptural basis of Christianity (some would say that the UCC already had done that).  Yale was founded in 1701 by Congregationalists to train Christian ministers, but university spokesmen say that Yale has been gradually severing its connection with Christianity since the late 19th century. 

Ms. Riley adds a telling thrust that illuminates the bounds of Yale’s tolerance:

“If Yale is interested in strengthening religious expression on campus, it might want to think more about dorm policies, for instance, than about chapel affiliation. It was eight years ago that five orthodox Jewish students there sought to live off-campus because the co-ed dormitories forced them to encounter in the hallways half-naked members of the opposite sex. The students were denounced for being judgmental and told that, if they did leave campus, they would still have to pay the $7,000 dorm fee. (They lost a subsequent lawsuit.)

“At the time, a Yale spokesman explained that co-ed dorms were just one “aspect of the Yale educational experience.”

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