The View From 1776

Can Education Be Saved?

Are the major universities and our public education system beyond repair?

Kartik Ariyur wrote the following comments in response to Add Kristif to the List and A Graduate Reveals All.

The last two articles depict a particularly dangerous tendency: the first article refers to a common phenomenon, while the second refers to something much more dangerous. ?Nicholas Kristof’s brazen attempt to undermine the religious ideals that have civilized the Western world is nothing new—it can be countered and refuted in open debate. However, the attempt in Universities to kill open debate, and to place batches of brainwashed, dogmatic and incompetent graduates in positions of influence is pernicious. What appears to be happening is the attempt to banish reason from cultural discourse—this can lead to nothing but a collapse of civilized discourse and a relapse into orgies of blood-letting as in the dying days of the Roman Republic before Octavian.

Sensible individuals can counter this trend through building new institutions?schools, universities, and other abodes of learning, where the ever-changing standards of political correctness devised by the libertine-socialist alliance cannot be imposed (libertinism and socialism are natural allies because profligacy leads to penury unless financed by the state). It is up to intelligent businessmen, and men of goodwill to fund such institutions which will be independent of government funding, and therefore of political interference. I believe this is already happening. You can see the outlines what will happen in education in the book ‘Seeing What’s Next’, by Prof. Clayton Christensen of Harvard (an openly religious man in an otherwise irreligious institution? ).

The other means of countering this attack is to train children to think through the consequences of their actions, at home, in gatherings of family and friends, and at Churches. This is also happening, and ultimately Truth can stand by Itself?only falsehood needs state support for its perpetuation. I certainly hope and pray that more families and churches continue to take on this responsibility.

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