The View From 1776

Racism, The All-Purpose Excuse

Liberal-progressive social policies have allowed too many blacks to avoid reality and to continue self-destructive cultural patterns.  Liberal-progressivism has worked assiduously to wipe out the spirit of individualism and self-reliance that was this nation’s founding ethos.

That ethos is the source of real personal satisfaction, as well as the impetus towards better social and economic conditions.  Dependence upon government handouts and class-based special privileges, in contrast, is just slavery of another kind, what Friedrich Hayek called The Road to Serfdom

Actually, serfdom is a more apt analogy than slavery.  Serfs were not the property of masters, but were inseparably linked to their baronial overlords and tied to the portion of land to which their families had rights of use.  Serfdom was a system of mutual support: serfs owed portions of their land’s produce to the baron, who was obligated to protect them against marauders.  Serfdom was, however, a prescription for stagnation.  Serfs had no way to better their standard of living; the same conditions ground along, century after century.

Such is liberal-progressivism’s picture of an ideal society.  A self-described benevolent and omnipotent cadre of intellectuals are to decide what is best for each economic and racial class and to provide a uniform, prison-like standard of living for all those who remain loyal serfs to the Democratic-Socialist Party.

Why do so many blacks accept this status and vote for Democrat-Socialists?  Why do they not kick over the traces and strike out for personal independence and real freedom?

There are many reasons, of course.  But liberal-progressives’ endless trumpeting of racism is a major one.  Fomenting discontent with charges of racism turns John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural speech on its head: ask not what you can do for yourself and for your country; sit down and demand, as a Constitutional right, whatever you desire and are unwilling to sacrifice to get.  It’s so much easier to maintain a semi-schizophrenic fantasy that one’s personal failures are the result of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

To his credit, President Obama has urged blacks to become responsible citizens, to forego sexual promiscuity and males’ abandonment of family responsibilities, to idolize something other than drug-dealing, sports, and entertainment.  Note that such social perversion was not always the case. 

Until the devastating advent of President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society - aimed at equality through government handouts - blacks participated in the labor force in proportions equal to whites.  Black churches were strong forces for community cohesion and moral rectitude.  Black educational attainment, measured by school test scores, was around 75% of the level of whites and steadily improving.  The liberal-progressive Great Society reversed all of that.  Education fell off the cliff, welfare rolls exploded, while crime rates soared, and illegitimate birth rates leaped to levels never before experienced in human history

While President Obama has exhorted the black community to do the right thing, he continues too often to foment black anger by leaping into purely local police matters before the process of justice has even commenced.  The president’s racist hatchet-man, Attorney General Eric Holder, has given us the latest example with his descent upon Ferguson, MO, to assure local rioters and looters that the Federal government will investigate their grievances from a black, racist perspective.

Racism is, for the black community, never having to say you’re sorry.  Racism allows blacks to believe that the rest of the community deserves whatever violence befalls it.