The View From 1776

Obama As Successor To Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, And Mao

These leaders, with the best of intentions (by liberal-progressive standards), destroyed (or are in process of destroying) their societies.

As I wrote in The Liberal Jihad, liberal-progressive-socialism is a secular, gnostic religion.  The term gnosticism derives from the Greek word meaning “to know.”  Gnosticism refers, not to a doctrine of genuine knowledge, but to various schools of mysterious, conspiratorial ideologies known only to a select group.  Today that select group is the self-appointed intellectual elite of our educational and judicial systems.

The gnostic aspect of liberal-progressive-socialism leads its believers to countenance tyranny, from abridgment of individual rights to mass murder.  They demonstrably have no compunction about stifling freedom of speech and association.  Theirs is an amorality that asserts that the end justifies the means.  For decades American liberal-progressives defended Stalin’s slaughter of tens of millions of people as necessary to bring social perfection to future generations.

Early gnostic groups claimed to have discovered secret knowledge identifying the source of evil and offering ritualistic or mystical religious ways to reorder the world.  They believed that it is possible to make the world perfect, that the world ought to be perfect.  A corollary is that only gnostics (today read liberal-progressives, who enact thousand-page legislative programs like ObamaCare without knowing what’s in the legislation), understand and can accomplish the perfection of social-justice egalitarianism.

Liberal-progressives long for the supposed harmony and selflessness of socialistic collectivism.  Standing in their way is the individualism of Judeo-Christian morality and Constitutional protection of private property rights.  Business and profits are stigmatized as criminal greed, and mob rule becomes the political tool of choice.

Triggered by the Vietnam war, gnosticism burst forth with renewed virulence in the 1960s and 1970s.  Baby boomers, the first generation tutored in the ideology of socialism in large numbers, took to the streets and college campuses, aiming to “bring the Vietnam War home, kill their parents, and destroy Amerika.” Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1962 issued the Port Huron Statement, its version of the Communist Manifesto.  Weatherman, the Black Panthers, the Symbionese Liberation Army, and similar underground, gnostic organizations resorted to sit-ins, bank robberies, bombings, and murders of innocent bystanders.

Liberal-progressive-socialists rationalized this destructive violence on a cold-blooded, theoretical plane.  The perpetrators, they said, were merely responding to the criminal nature of a society organized along traditionalist lines.  Any actions to combat the evils of spiritual religion, moral codes, or capitalist individualism would be justified by the resulting social justice. 

Ben Stein provides his assessment of the phenomenon: DISASTERS AND THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM: What terrifies me about Obama and his friends.