The View From 1776

While Obama Slept

Just as in England in the 1930s (cf. Winston Churchill and his 1938 While England Slept), we are faced with an implacable array of enemies in the Middle East at at time when Obama is steadily diminishing our nation’s ability to deter them.

For domestic political reasons, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain desperately hoped to forestall Hitler’s Continental aggressions by sacrificing Czechoslovakia.  War-weary England, Chamberlain was sure, wanted no new military engagement in Europe.

For domestic political reasons, President Obama desperately endeavors to divert attention away from his administration’s scandals and catastrophic incompetence.  He is prepared to accept a deal with Iran, any deal that sacrifices Israel’s defense capabilities and might superficially appear to forestall nuclear war and/or Iranian domination of the Middle East.

See Peter Wehner’s Ringing a Fire Bell in the Night on the Commentary website.