The View From 1776

Al Gore Shivers In The Cold Wind Of Truth

Climate science is a legitimate field of inquiry when it is acknowledged that climate scientists today really understand very little about the extraordinarily complex nature of earth’s climate.  Latest revelations in the growing avalanche of real evidence make clear that the secular religion of man-made global warming, now called climate change, is emphatically not science.

The two articles below summarize the most recent compilations of counter evidence against the Great Gore brigade of leeches busily sucking taxpayers’ life blood, the pretenders to climate science.

Objective Science Unmasks Global Warming Alarmists As The True Science ‘Deniers’

The Palpable Politicization Of Science By Global Warming Alarmists

Everyone should understand that there are huge costs in decreased standards of living and higher unemployment arising from the proposed and already implemented regulations based on belief in man-made climate change.  The UK and continental Europe, Germany in particular, are staggering under large increases in energy costs.  Costs have gone so high that many households in the UK are compelled to go without heat in the winter.  German industry is shutting down plants or moving them overseas to less regulated locations.  In the United States Obama’s war on the coal industry is clobbering areas already suffering poverty conditions.  Many millions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on entirely uneconomic green power and green automobile projects.  Blocking the pipeline from Canada has cost thousands of jobs.  In western New York where I live, shutting down fracking has blocked our participation in creation of the thousands of jobs that have come into existence in Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Adherents to the belief in man-made climate change are now endeavoring to block the resurgence of natural gas production, one of the greatest forces for revitalization of American industry (and the creation of millions of jobs).

At bottom the secular religion of man-made climate change is simply an appendage to the liberal-progressive-socialist lust to regiment and to control every activity of every individual in the nation.  The Federal government already controls the nation’s financial sector as effectively as if it owned it.  Add the nation’s energy to its control and we have Henri de Saint-Simon’s original conception of social engineering in the socialist state.  Only disinterested public experts, he preached, have the knowledge and skill to administer the whole of society to achieve social justice.

As Franklin Roosevelt’s 1932 campaign advisor Stuart Chase, who coined the term New Deal, stated the liberal-progressive lust for power:

“The drive of collectivism leads toward control from the top. ... At bottom the conception of economic planning is science supervising a people‚Äôs housekeeping. ... And so the final idea of a National Planning Board emerges; ... a group which knows the past, can give capable advice as to the present, and sees into the future, especially the technological future. ... The real work, the real thought, the real action must come from the technicians: that class most able, most clear-headed of all in American life, hitherto only half utilized in technical detail and in college class rooms. ... This is a long-swing project we are starting, longer than the secular trend; longer than the industrial revolution itself. Errors will be made; methods will be tried out and discarded; but the principle of control from the top must go on.”