The View From 1776

Scientistic Speculation

Darwin proposed his hypothesis of purely materialistic evolution, according to his autobiography, in order to discredit “the damnable doctrine of Christianity.”

There exists not a single proof of Darwinian evolution.  There is only inferential speculation about possible explanations for the myriad forms of life found on earth.

Read Darwin’s Doubt, a review by Frank Turek of Stephen Meyer’s New York Times best-selling refutation of Darwinian evolution.

As I wrote in The Liberal Jihad:  The Hundred-Year War Against the Constitution:

Darwin’s hypothesis of biological evolution, when confined to natural selection as a means of modifying species, is just another interesting speculation. When, however, it is employed as Darwin intended— to deny God and morality— Darwinian evolution becomes a piece of heavy artillery for the liberal jihad.

Not only does it deny the truth of the Bible; more destructively it reduces the world of human habitation to a jungle of kill-or-be-kill amorality. Its doctrine provided a rationalization for the liquidations of tens of millions of people in the totalitarian regimes of Soviet Russia, National Socialist Germany, and Red China.

The battlefield on which the liberal jihad has had its greatest success is education. As Hitler said of the Hitler Youth organization, train the youth in the doctrine of Aryan superiority and you will have them for life. From high schools through college young students are taught that Darwinian evolution is the only scientific truth.

Once having accepted that doctrine, students are only a step away from the doctrine that the Judeo-Christian morality underpinning the Constitution is ignorant nonsense.  That is essentially where we are today and why our youngest generations favor the Democrat-Socialist Party’s jihad to replace the Constitution’s government of limited powers and individual liberty with an all-powerful, socialistic Federal government.

Darwinian evolutionary theory appeared soon after the introduction of the French Enlightenment’s socialism, and it is closely related. Above all, Darwin’s theory of evolution was intended to cut the legs from under Western civilization’s paradigm of a universe conforming to a unified design that Judaeo-Christians and classical philosophers call the Mind of God. Evolution is an unapologetic rationalization for a completely materialistic world that bears no resemblance to the Creation pictured in the Bible’s Book of Genesis. It is therefore not coincidental that Darwin and most of his followers in 1859 and afterwards have been atheists or agnostics.

Socialist theory and Darwin’s hypothesis share a common basis in their complete reliance on secular materialism and concurrent rejection of God and spiritual religion. Both attack the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western civilization, on which our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are based.

When Darwin’s Origin of Species was published in 1859, an important section of the British scientific community, led by Thomas Huxley, pushed Darwin’s theory more for its philosophical and religious implications than because they believed it to be firmly founded in science.

In the words of Carlton J. H. Hayes (The Rise of Modern Europe: A Generation of Materialism, 1871-1900),

“Soon the doctrine began to affect and reinforce the predilections of a great variety of intellectuals. It figured in the economic classic of Karl Marx (1867), whose disciples grew ever fonder of likening the “evolutionary materialism” of “scientific socialism” to that of Darwinism… Thereby Darwinism, shortly after its beginning, ceased to be a tentative scientific theory and became a philosophy, almost a religion… The timeliness of Darwinism, let us emphasize, even more than its scientific basis, established it, in conjunction with industrial materialism, as the chief conditioning philosophy of Europe in the 1870s.

“The fight began in earnest in the decade of the ‘60s over evolution and biblical criticism, and from 1871 to 1900 it raged on a wide front. The offensive passed early from “theology” to “science,” whose heavy artillery was manned by such embattled Darwinians as Huxley, Tyndall, and Haeckel…[ Huxley] rejected Christianity totally, pronouncing it “a varying compound of some of the best and some of the worst elements of paganism and Judaism, molded in practice by the innate character of certain peoples of the western world,” and adding for full measure, that “the actions we call sinful are part and parcel of the struggle for existence.” ...

Though from different starting points, Hobbes, Darwin, and Huxley were arguing, in effect, that the earthly sovereign (intellectual or military), not God-given morality, is the sole source of law and order in political society. Needless to say, this is a potentially totalitarian doctrine.