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Another Stake In The Heart of Evolutionary Biology

Intelligent design becomes in yet another area of biology the most credible source of the astonishing variegation of earth’s plant and animal life.

Richard Dawkins and other leading propagandists for Darwinian evolution dismiss vast amounts of genetic material in the human genome as “junk DNA” left over from earlier evolutionary stages of development of animal life that theoretically produced human beings.  It’s essential to that thesis that what they dismiss as junk DNA no longer have a vital function. 

Molecular biologists, however, have now found exactly that: vital functions for something on the order of 80% of so-called junk DNA.  Presumably discoveries of functions for the remaining 20% will follow.  Their research findings, which cannot be smeared as the rantings of ignorant Christians and religious Jews, have revealed Darwinian evolutionary doctrine yet again to be an interesting, but outmoded mythology.

Read ENCODE Results Separate Science Advocates from Propagandists

From day one (1859) of publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species he and his supporters made it clear that the still unproved hypothesis of evolutionary biology was aimed primarily at discrediting Christianity.  Darwin’s hypothesis was quickly adopted by Karl Marx and his followers, who brandished it in the face of English traditional morality as proof of their hypothesis that history was following an inexorable evolutionary course toward world socialism.

In Darwin’s words, evolutionary biology was to banish the damnable religion of Christianity.  In Marx’s terminology, evolutionary biology supported the call for revolutionary force to overthrow the individualism of capitalism and the personal morality and individual responsibility of Judeo-Christianity, because these sources of social and political order competed with the religion of socialism.

For liberal-progressives, Darwinian and Marxian doctrine embedded in evolutionary biology remain standard fare taught in our public schools and universities at taxpayer expense, despite the First Amendment’s prohibition against establishing any one religion via legislative enactment.