The View From 1776

Obama Impersonates Wizard Of Oz

The One, with his messianic personal compulsions, is now promising to revive American manufacturing, while damning American businessmen and bankers as greedy criminals who stand in the way of right and good (defined as his re-election).

Liberal-progressive-socialists have always held the belief that only social engineers and bureaucratic administrators are capable of running businesses efficiently and, most importantly, in congruence with the social justice demands of socialism.  The implication is that only government is capable of improving people’s lives, as President Clinton’s press secretary Dee Dee Myers stated it.

Against that background it’s clear that Obama is thoroughly marinated in the secular religion of socialism.  Unfortunately for our nation, the same can be said regarding far too many others, Republicans as well as Democrat/Socialists.

Against this assertion one can ask, first of all, how Great Britain and then the United States became the greatest manufacturing powers on earth, long before the advent of socialist interventions in private economic activity.  One must note that certain industries in both countries gained protection from foreign competition through legislative enactment of tariffs.  Tariffs, however, are a far cry from Obama’s direct government involvement with individual “green” energy companies, his take-over of General Motors and Chrysler, as well as the banking business, and his intentions to take over and revitalize abandoned factories.

For background details about Obama/Oz’s pretensions, read a left-leaning assessment published in one of the nation’s iconic liberal-progressive newspapers, The Washington Post.

Can Obama Finally Fix American Manufacturing?

Among other ideas touched upon in the WaPo article is the suggestion that Germany, with its heavily regulated industries and powerful labor unions, is a model for the United States to follow.  From Obama’s view point, that makes sense, because Germany, since the days of Ferdinand Lasalle in the 1860s, has been in the forefront of European socialism.

We should note, however, that a hallmark of the German economy has been the close managerial control relationship between the great German banks and German industry.  Those banks have large holdings of industrial companies’ securities, as well as seats on company boards of directors, that makes for an even greater degree of crony capitalism than here in the United States.  Most attractively from Obama’s viewpoint, that consolidation of industrial control made it very easy for Hitler to impose dictatorial government control of German industry and to re-orient it to illegal re-armament production for World War II.

As always, liberal-progressive-socialism is oriented toward tyranny.  Obama’s policies and ideological pretensions are the most blatant irruption thereof since Franklin Roosevelt’s imposition of socialism in the 1930s New Deal.