The View From 1776

Historical Obfuscation

In the United States, a large part of historical truth has systematically been smothered or ignored by academics.

From the closing decades of the 19th century through mid-20th century, academics (who were heavily influenced by the socialistic materialism espoused in the great German universities, then regarded as the ultimate source of PhD degrees) taught a distorted version of American history.  That version centered around the false idea that the Declaration of Independence represented the egalitarian spirit of the French socialist revolution and that the Constitution was a reactionary effort to kill egalitarianism.  Notable among those academics were Vernon L. Parrington (Main Currents in American Thought) and Charles A. Beard (An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States).

Because academics of that era, just as is true today, favored the collectivism of the socialistic welfare state, they identified the 17th and 18th century Enlightenments exclusively with the socialistic French Revolution.

Robert Curry sets about dismantling that academic fraud.


Sorting out the Enlightenments
By Robert Curry

A Review of Gertrude Himmelfarb