The View From 1776

Assessing Obama’s Foreign Policy

Liberal-progressive doctrine requires punishing the United States by diminishing its economic and political power on the world stage.

During the Carter administration, the New York Times expressed editorial approval of pulling back from projection of American military power around the globe.  President Reagan’s forthright denunciation of the Soviet Union as an evil power, coupled with extensive rebuilding of our military capabilities, brought the USSR to its knees and ended the Cold War.  President Clinton happily rode the liberal-progressive train supposedly laden with a big “peace dividend” to expand the socialistic welfare state.

Now Obama has gone further, bowing and scraping to Muslim dictators around the world, freighting the nation with unsupportable debt, strangling the economy with regulatory red tape, and debasing the dollar in order to fund an expansion of federal power comparable to FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society.

Knowing something of the socialistic and materialistic academic ethos in which Obama’s world view was shaped, it’s difficult not to believe that he consciously wants to punish the United States for the crimes against humanity attributed to it by liberal-progressive academics.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer looks at Obama’s amorphous foreign policy as a poisonous fruit of that mindset.

‘Leading From Behind’ Is Not A Real Doctrine