The View From 1776

Al Gore Investment Advisor

If you want to go broke, follow his advice and “invest” to promote green jobs.

Green energy technology and green jobs cannot survive on their own, because the overwhelming majority of people don’t want them at all or won’t pay the higher prices they entail.  The benefit / cost ratio is far too low.  When economic reality finally overtakes the Federal and state governments, all of the green subsidies will wither, and the whole industry will collapse, as it has in other green venues, such as Spain.  Investors will lose it all.

Green energy and green jobs are phantasmic emanations of liberal-progressive state-planning and the concomitant worship of the secular political state as the sole fountain of earthly wisdom.  Failure of liberal-progressives to consider secondary and tertiary costs of their folly reveals the worship of “green” as religious mythology, the opposite of true science and a travesty of economics.

As with all government intervention in the business world, Federal and state mandates and subsidies to promote green jobs diminish productivity, raise costs, and reduce standards of living.