The View From 1776

Reasons For Abhorring Woodrow Wilson’s Policies

Our drift towards socialistic statism began with Teddy Roosevelt in 1901.  The drift became a full-sail run under Woodrow Wilson in 1913.

Our first activist, big-government presidents were Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. 

Roosevelt, as did his cousin Franklin twenty years later, advocated a Bismarckian, overweening presidency in which he decided what should be done, no matter what the Constitution prescribes. 

Teddy and cousin Franklin Roosevelt, prominent members of the Eastern liberal establishment, were products of Harvard University, where socialistic concepts prevailing in German universities in the 19th century attained early ascendancy in this country.

Wilson was a product of Johns Hopkins, the first American university modeled directly on the great German, and thoroughly socialistic, universities.  His was a Marxian-style historicist belief that our Constitution had been outmoded by the inevitable progress of history toward socialism.