The View From 1776

Obama’s American Socialism

President Obama’s record and his relentless anti-business diatribes project a classic socialistic paradigm: collectivized governmental control, directly or via regulation, of all key elements of the economy.  That paradigm has no place for public-private sector initiatives by cash-strapped state governments.

As the Fiscal Times website reports, the Obama administration now wants to interfere with states’ Tenth Amendment constitutional rights to regulate local affairs.

While the article does not so state, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that desire to promote socialistic labor unions, the source of money and campaign workers for Democrat/Socialist Party politicians, underlies administration efforts to control public-private sector solutions for infrastructure needs.  Socialistic governments can’t tolerate jobs done by private companies paying market-level wages; they want to force everyone to pay exorbitant union-scale wages, which in my part of upstate New York will more than double the cost of jobs.

States, unlike the Federal government, have state constitutional debt limits.  And they can’t manufacture money out of thin air, as does the Federal Reserve system for the United States Treasury. 

The Federal government, unfortunately under both Republicans and Democrat/Socialists, displays no interest in doing things with economic efficiency.  Members of Congress always want to be sugar daddies showering money to buy votes.  Government spending projects consequently always aim to employ the maximum number of people, at the highest wages, for the longest possible time. 

State efforts to economize collide with vote-buying and labor union support.  Hence Obama’s move to stop public-private sector projects that get things done faster and cost less.