The View From 1776

What Are They Aiming To Do?

Democrat/Socialists talk about lowering unemployment, but their fiscal and monetary policies impede creation of jobs and re-hiring of laid-off workers.  It should be obvious by now that reducing unemployment is not their objective. 

Faced with a major recession, Obama’s priority was not jobs.  He left it to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to enlarge George W. Bush’s stimulus efforts, to concoct a program of which the main effect has been pork-barreling and spending to benefit Democrat/Socialist special interest groups.

Obama chose, instead, to focus his energies upon socializing medical care.  The president and his Democrat/Socialist colleagues struggled frantically, ahead of upcoming November elections, to enchain the nation with socialistic bureaucracies so broad and so deep that they cannot be undone by future administration, so pervasive and invasive that returning the nation to a new growth path will be impossible.  Socialized medicine, nationalization of the banking system, control of energy sources and uses, flooding the nation with millions more illegal immigrants (who will be converted to Democrat/Socialist voters), resurgence of socialistic labor unions, fortifying the tort bar, subordinating our statute law and the Constitution to the world-government socialist international, and outlawing Judaism and Christianity are more important to them than the economic revival and survival of the United States.

The convergence point of these initiatives is bringing private business under an updated Fascist state corporatism of the sort that Mussolini imposed upon Italy in the 1920s and Franklin Roosevelt instituted here under the, happily, short-lived National Recovery Administration during the 1930s.  In those days, Fascist state corporatism was exercised through government regulated industry councils in which management and labor unions created industry codes of prices, hours of work, workers’ pay rates, and production volumes.

Today’s Fascist state corporatism under Obama involves industry czars calling the shots behind the scenes at banks, automobile companies, and petroleum and coal companies.  The United States government and its labor union proxies take major ownership positions in and becomes the banker for those private enterprises swept into the socialist orbit. 

As Franklin Roosevelt demonstrated in the New Deal, Federal courts eventually will condone almost any degree of stretching the Constitution’s commerce clause. Darwinian evolution implies, as Karl Marx in the 1860s and American progressives in the early 1900s theorized, that the Constitution’s meaning changes from day to day.  Judicial activism becomes a sort of natural selection mechanism to weed out original constitutional conceptions of individual rights against arbitrary government exercise of power.

In addition, under Democrat/Socialists’ liberal-progressivism, the government tries to confiscate as much of income from high net worth, high income citizens as possible, and then to transfer that income to Democrat/Socialist voters.  Among other things, this will reduce or eliminate private savings, and leave the Federal government more firmly ensconced in the economic driver’s seat, free to pick industry winners and losers without interference from a domestic free market.  Having dispensed with the Fifth Amendment’s private property rights and old fashioned concepts such as profitability and return on investment, Democrat/Socialists will be able to promote money-losing, economy-wrecking “green” jobs.

Abetted by our secular and socialist educational system, in another generation Democrat/Socialists will have completed the transformation of the United States into a third-rate, socialist nation like France.  Unless, of course, voters finally come to understand what Franklin Roosevelt set in motion during the 1930s Depression.