The View From 1776

Historical Parallels

The Democrat/Socialist Party’s forcing passage of Obamacare via parliamentary trickery, in the face of majority public opposition, is in line with actions of left-wing elitists since the emergence of their secular religion in the 19th century.

Austrian school economist Ludwig von Mises, writing during World War II, described the convoluted machinations of the various liberal-progressive-socialist parties to impose dictatorial rule in France, Russia, and Germany.

In the following quotation, Mises could equally have been describing the “we know what is best for you” attitude of the Democrat/Socialist Party in the United States today.

All the arguments brought forward to justify these two rebellions were essentially antidemocratic. They run this way: The socialist proletarians are the elite, the vanguard of the backward masses. They know better than the misguided majority what will best serve the interests of the nation; they are borne on the wave of the future. They therefore have the sacred duty of overthrowing the majority and establishing their own dictatorial power. Democracy is a thin disguise for the rule of exploiters. It should be styled “plutodemocracy.” The leaders of the elite have the duty of profiting by any opportunity to seize power. Right is anything they call by that name…

It is a bold distortion of historical fact to say that the Left, the socialists, were eager to establish popular government and that the Right, the bourgeois capitalists, defeated these attempts. Neither the Marxists nor the other socialists ever aimed at democracy. What they wanted was their own dictatorship.