The View From 1776

Evil Forces Are Again Assaulting The Gates Of Civilization

Like a vampire, cap-and-trade regulations seem never to die, returning again and again to suck the life blood from our economy.

The supposed science of global warming has been thoroughly discredited as the willful, criminal project of climatology scam artists.  Only blind superstition and ignorance, inescapable characteristics of the secular religion of liberal-progressive-socialism and its pagan cults, remain to support Obama’s cap-and-trade schemes.

As Eric Voegelin observed, the gnostic characteristics of liberal-progressive-socialism require the belief that transcendent knowledge is the special property of an intellectual elite.  The elite’s secret information presumably enables them to pull ultimate creative power from outside our universe into our present political and social situation and thereby to gain control of the entire planet’s weather system: in short, to play god.

The collision of this religious belief with reality deforms rational perception, resulting in such fantastical efforts to create new laws of nature as cap-and-trade, along with related regulatory schemes such as the EPA’s claim to regulate all CO2 emissions.