The View From 1776

Federal Aid To Socialist Education?

It’s not clear whether Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) is promoting indoctrination of public school students with the ideology of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers, or whether some teachers are free-lancing with OFA indoctrination as class work.

Let’s hope that it’s not the former, which would appear to involve use of taxpayers’ funds to inculcate the secular religion of socialism.  Indoctrinating students with the views of Messrs. Ayers and Alinsky is reminiscent of Lenin’s statement to the Soviet Commissars of education that the job of education is to make students hate their parents, if the parents are not communists.

For a report about one teacher’s use of OFA internship material for class work, see Gov’t Organizing Radicals In Our Schools and Obama’s Organizing for America Organizing in High Schools.

This sort of thing, in any case, is what has infiltrated public education increasingly since the 1920s, under the impetus of socialist John Dewey’s progressive education, propagated by Columbia University Teachers College.