The View From 1776

Toadies Chirping In The Dark

Like Aristophanes’s frogs croaking in the background, today’s climatologists and news reporters mindlessly repeat the phony mantra of greenhouse gases and man-made global warming.

Assume that whatever is published as science is, in fact, baseless propaganda for socialistic, collectivistic regulatory control.  Most of the time that will prove to be the case.

One should always discount allegations of vast conspiracies, from Hillary Clinton’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” to fiction writer Dan Brown’s imputations of diabolical plots by the Roman Catholic Church.  One must admit, however, that there is a suggestive uniformity of prevarication among the world’s most influential climatologists, who banded together to intimidate anyone questioning their hypotheses and to suppress all contradictory information. 

Add to it the smug and condescending dismissal of questioners by mainstream, liberal-progressive news media, led by the ever dense New York Times.

For the latest revelation of making-a-living-by-lying, read the UK Guardian’s Strange case of moving weather posts and a scientist under siege.

Which is more contemptible?  Making a multi-generation career of living off public welfare, being a global-warming climatologist, or being a member of the New York Times editorial board?

On the other hand, can we blame them for being products of the sort of socialistic educational system long advocated by President Obama’s close friends and advisors Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn? 

Students since the 1960s have been systematically inculcated with the liberal-progressive religious belief that publicly controlled organizations are better than private enterprise, that the collective good as defined by the intellectual elite trumps individualism, and that a decent society can be found only under a socialistic redistribution of income and wealth.

To condition the minds of callow students, our schools have for half a century been teaching a version of John Dewey’s pragmatism called situational ethics.  Considering that students have therein been taught that Judeo-Christian morality is an unscientific value judgment, we should hardly be surprised by the deceitful conduct of climatologists or by the willing complicity of liberal-progressive media.