The View From 1776

Global-Warming Judicial Activism

Congress and the Copenhagen convocation having failed to impose draconian measures to please advocates of man-made global warming, liberal-progressives are reverting to the courts for an end-run around the will of the people.

Liberal-progressives have been thwarted by the world’s growing awareness (1) that the threat of man-made global warming is a fraudulent scam, and (2) that the economic costs of action demanded by secular religious fanatics are staggeringly high and far beyond any reasonable cost-benefit ratio.  In a desperate attempt to impose the one-world-government vision of a small band of “scientists,” liberal-progressives are now turning to judicial activism.

Judicial activism is an innovation developed by the ACLU’s Roger Baldwin in the 1920s, originally for a somewhat different purpose.  Working through the Harvard Law School, Baldwin promoted a radically new interpretation of the Bill of Rights.  The intent was to manipulate the Constitution to make it destroy itself. 

A constitution is intended to reflect the most fundamental values of a society, to embody that society