The View From 1776

Wall Street and the Global-Warming Scam Artists

The common element between Wall Street bankers and advocates of man-made global warming is money - lots of it.

When too much money is too easily attainable, however honest original designs, less honest seekers join the game. 

Greed and lust for power led bankers, from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to Wall Street, to concoct increasingly debased and uncreditworthy investment vehicles to absorb the Federal-Reserve-created flood of money.

Similarly, socialists’ lust for power and control of the world’s economy led the UN to sponsor the gigantic hoax known as man-made global warming.  With mainstream socialist media like the New York Times always ready to propagandize any claim that free-market individuals and corporations are engaged in wrong-doing, increasing numbers of climatologists discovered how to game the system. 

Liberal-progressives in Washington, swept up in this contemporary tulip-bulb mania, appropriated growing amounts of money for pseudo-scientific “research.” As we now see, most of this was merely deliberate falsification and selective use of questionable statistics that could be sold to the government, much as Wall Street sold very bad investment deals to institutional investors around the world.

Once the game was afoot, climatologists around the world joined the feeding frenzy.  Having tapped into the mother lode, climatologists, like Wall Street bankers and tort-bar lawyers, did everything possible to perpetuate their scams and to conceal from the public the true nature of their wrongdoing.