The View From 1776

Obama’s Tough Choices

Will the president’s only executive experience - as a rabble-rousing, socialist community agitator - prove to be inadequate when tested by major foreign policy threats?

President Obama campaigned on the foreign policy theme that our foreign enemies would become cooperative allies if we just talked nice to them.  So far, that has not been an effective foreign policy in dealing with Iran.

In last year’s campaign, along with Democrat/Socialist Party leaders in Congress, he urged pulling out of the “wrong war” in Iraq and aggressively pursuing Osama Bin Ladin in the “real war” in Afghanistan.  He made a stab at ramping up the war in Afghanistan, but the fair-weather war hawks in the radical left wing of liberal-progressivism are now deserting him. 

Any decision he makes will be extremely consequential for the future of the United States.  Read StratFor’s analysis.