The View From 1776

Obama Terrifies the Mullahs

At the beginning of his administration, the president proclaimed that he would appeal to the better instincts of his fellow Muslims in Iran, giving them until this month to renounce their bad intentions.

Now that the Iranians have failed to heed his sweet talk, the president has brought out his really big cannon: a condemnatory resolution in the UN.  To the same extent that such repeated resolutions over twelve years reduced Saddam Hussein to quivering fear, the Iranian rulers are no doubt weeping and bewailing their unhappy fate at the hands of Barack the Irresolute.

In what resembles a poor imitation of a Saturday Night Live skit, Obama in effect is telling the Iranians and the world that the United States will no longer defend its allies nor its own national interests.  In line with the sensitive foreign policy advocated by Senator John Kerry (who, by the way, served in Viet Nam),  we will stand by when the Iranians attempt to wreak nuclear devastation upon Israel, having washed our hands of responsibility by referring the matter to the enforcement powers of the toothless UN (which, by the way, is ruled by Islamic and other third world terrorist regimes).