The View From 1776

Murder’s OK, But No Torture.  We’re Liberals

To understand the grotesque hypocrisy of liberal-progressives we must view it from the perspective of their religion of socialism.

Let’s immediately dispatch the moralistic protestations of liberal-progressives that any degree of rough interrogation of terrorists, even to save thousands of lives from planned attacks, is unconscionable.  Liberal-progressives grow weak-kneed contemplating the confinement and interrogation of a few hundred terrorist thugs, while aggressively murdering millions of babies.

President Obama supports the slaughter without judicial due process of babies via abortion, which is reminiscent of the an earlier pagan worship of the god Molech, requiring the sacrifice of infants.  At the same time, the President’s fellow liberal-progressives hold street demonstrations and candle-light vigils to protest execution of vile murderers and rapists and to protest incarceration of criminals.  These are pagan rituals oozing from the gospel of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who believed that private property was the root of all evil and, in particular, the cause of crime and wars.

So-called abortion rights have always been a big rallying point among liberal-progressive-socialists.  Support for abortion is, on the flip side, support for sexual promiscuity, called free love in earlier generations.  Abortion and sexual promiscuity are viewed as social weapons to destroy the Judeo-Christian moral foundations of our constitutional government, opening the way for full socialization of the economy.

A society that looks to government for all its daily needs and is educated to moral relativity is a society with no way to restrain the enlargement of tyrannical ambition.

Today’s howl against rough interrogation methods used to obtain vital information from Al Queda terrorists similarly arises from the religion of socialism (which, however, obviously didn’t deter liberal-progressive-socialists like Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler).  Liberal-progressive-socialists in the United States, in fact, clamorously supported the murderous actions of Lenin and Stalin all through the 1920s and 1930s.  Among them were Soviet-supporting Communist Party USA screenwriters like Dalton Trumbo, who is the subject of a current adulatory retrospective on Public Television.  See The Friends of Dalton Trumbo on the Commentary website.

Liberal-progressives regard rough interrogation of Al Queda terrorists with horror, because they see those terrorists as victims of capitalism, who were deprived of their fair share of earth’s wealth by capitalist greed.  As academics following 9/11 told us, the structure of our constitutional government prevented social justice, in this country and elsewhere.  9/11 was what we deserved.  We therefore have no warrant for Gitmo detention or CIA interrogation methods.

President Obama’s plans to subject CIA agents and ultimately Vice President Cheney and President Bush to criminal prosecution reflects both that Rousseauian distaste for private property rights and the socialist faith that a one-world government will harmonize all of the world’s diverse peoples and transform them into homogenous, benevolent, happy campers.

Even the arch-liberal Washington Post has published a story wondering, by implication, whether where President Obama lost his marbles: How a Detainee Became An Asset.