The View From 1776

Iran: Background to Present Troubles

Slater Bakhtavar explains how President Jimmy Carter created the conditions for today’s nuclear blackmail by Iran.

President Carter’s foreign policy was based, as is President Obama’s, upon the ideology of the socialist international’s one-world government.  President Carter championed an abstraction called human rights.  President Obama espouses Senator John Kerry’s “sensitivity” in foreign affairs. 

Liberal-progressives, including notably Carter and Obama, believe that abandoning the realities of international power politics will magically bring peace and harmony to the whole world.  As did early socialist theoretician Auguste Comte, they appear to believe that the world is inevitably driven by the force of a reified “history” toward a scientific, one-world, socialist government that will transform humanity. 

Both Carter and Obama are attracted to the most oppressive dictators, from Cuba’s Castro to Iran’s Khomeini, and Venezuela’s Chavez, whom they see as victims of American imperialism.

Carter Administration’s Dilemma: Iran’s Theocracy
?By Slater Bakhtavar?