The View From 1776

Hypocritical Hearings

Democrat/Socialists want a one-way street, and they want to be able to change the direction of traffic at their whim.

The Washington Times reports:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton blasted the government vetting and clearance process Monday, blaming it for long delays in announcing nominees for key positions in the State Department.

She also criticized the procedure’s intrusiveness for discouraging highly qualified candidates from accepting senior posts.

When traditionalist nominees’ personal reputations were being ripped to shreds by the Democrat/Socialist attack machine and nominations were being held up for years by Democrat/Socialist refusal to permit a floor vote in the Senate, liberal-progressives thought it was just swell.  Now that an activist judicial nominee of their stripe is in the dock, they can’t understand why anyone would question the nominee’s fitness for office.

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