The View From 1776

Democrat/Socialist Foreign Policy Sensitivity

In the 2004 presidential campaign, Senator John Kerry castigated President Bush for his alleged unilateral, cowboy diplomacy.  In the 2008 campaign, President Obama promised a foreign policy that would listen to the concerns of other nations.  All of that now appears to be nothing more than propaganda to con liberal-progressive-socialist voters.

Having promised Jewish voters during the presidential campaign his undying fealty to Israel, the President has already repudiated firmly established diplomatic promises to Israel and joined with Muslim jihadists to blame Israel for Middle East political turmoil.

Now the Democrat/Socialist Congress, with no demurrer from President Obama, is threatening to bludgeon nations that don’t conform to our diktats regarding the farce of purported man-made global warming.

Even the New York Times, the journal of record for American socialism, has taken note of this latest unilateral, strong-arm, foreign policy initiative.

A House committee working on sweeping energy legislation seems determined to make sure that the United States will tax China and other carbon polluters, potentially disrupting an already-sensitive climate change debate in Congress.

The Ways and Means Committee’s proposed bill language would virtually require that the president impose an import tariff on any country that fails to clamp down on greenhouse gas emissions…

...associations that represent importers and multinational corporations are raising red flags, warning that the language could lead to trade wars, hurt the United States’ ability to export low-carbon technology and harm consumers.

National Review reports:

Despite indications that much of President Obama’s agenda is meeting intra-party skepticism all over Capitol Hill, there is one policy nexus where congressional leaders are still doggedly determined to move the country left: energy and the environment. Speaker Pelosi will reportedly allow a vote on the controversial Waxman-Markey “cap-and-trade” legislation at the end of this week.

And it gets even better. Not content to tempt political fate by imposing huge carbon taxes on the American middle class, Democrats have added a provision which imposes stiff tariffs on our trading partners if they don’t adopt aggressive carbon restrictions of their own.

You heard correctly: progressives have authored a bill that earns the mortal enmity of domestic energy consumers and our most crucial trading partners at the same time. Economy-killing climate policies and a trade war - together at last!