The View From 1776

Sic Semper Socialismus

Britain’s socialist Labour Party Prime Minister boldly calls for what American liberal-progressive-socialists are more guarded in advocating: a one-world socialist government.

Britain’s socialist Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for steps toward unified world regulatory control of financial institutions.  Naturally, under the direction of socialist European nations.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the Prime Minister’s speech before the European Parliament:

Europe should take a central role in establishing a new global financial system and work more closely with the U.S., the U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the European Parliament Tuesday.

“I propose that we as Europe take a central role in replacing what was once called the old Washington consensus with a new and principled economic consensus for our times,” he said in a session held in preparation for the summit of the Group of 20 nations in London April 2.

Mr. Brown has been trying to persuade leaders of the G-20 to back calls by U.S. President Barack Obama for significant new spending measures to try to jump-start the world economy.

“Never in recent years have we had an American leadership so keen to cooperate at all levels with Europe on financial stability, on climate change, on security, on development,” said Mr. Brown.

The model for the Prime Minister’s desiderata is the stultifying EU bureaucracy in Brussels, which seeks to override member nations’ culture and history and homogenize them into obedient satrapies under a collectivized overlordship.

Prime Minister Brown is also, like President Obama, a strong advocate of imposing crippling business taxes and hamstringing regulations to promote “green” programs that will impose Al Gore’s mythology of man-made global warming.

There you have it, folks: when the socialists bring the world’s financial institutions and energy sources under their collectivist councils, they will own the world.