The View From 1776

Democrat/Socialists to Decide Who Lives and Who Dies

The Declaration of Independence speaks of the natural law rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Democrat/Socialists want to arrogate to themselves the power to decide whether you will be given those rights.

Imposition of socialized medicine, embedded in the so-called stimulus bill, will give government planners the right to ration medical care, to decide that you don’t deserve to receive medical care that may be essential to your survival or your basic well being.

Read Lawrence Auster’s The Democrats’ “Stimulus” Introduces State Direction Of Medical Care.

From the perspective of Democrat/Socialists, it makes good sense to redistribute wealth, including medical care, to make us all equally poor.  We’ll be too sick to rebel against the tyranny of their collectivized planning.

In England and Canada, the methodology is simple.  Government allocates a certain amount of money to health care, then tells doctors and hospitals to ration medical care within the financial limits imposed.

If you are lucky enough to be approved for a medical procedure, you may have to wait months for it.  In the meanwhile, of course, you may die.