The View From 1776

Social Justice As Foreign Policy

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly believe that the key to world peace is an international welfare state to equalize wealth distribution worldwide.

Both the President and his Secretary of State are on record as believing that the key to world peace and the end of Islamic jihad is to buy-off the enemy with welfare benefits, funded by American taxpayers.  Given the current state of the economy and the Federal government’s massive deficits, this may be unrealistic.

Theirs is an approach based on social justice, the liberal-progressive hypothesis that institutions supporting private property rights foster unfair accumulation of wealth in the hands of greedy capitalists, leading to social discontent.  Redistributing wealth, in liberal-progressive doctrine, removes incentives to aggression, crime, and war.  As Hillary Clinton said in her primary campaign for the presidency, she intended to take more wealth, via higher taxes, from some people and put it to better social purposes.

On the Commentary Magazine website Arthur Herman writes: