The View From 1776

Perceptions of Reality

For eight years Democrat/Socialists have cursed President Bush as an illegitimate and criminally-directed leader.  Adjusting to the fact that few of their charges were true is going to be hard for them, but president-elect Obama has started the process.

In 1960, one of Senator John F. Kennedy main campaign themes against Vice President Richard Nixon was the purported “missile gap” between the United States and the Soviet Union.  President Eisenhower, during World War II, had commanded successfully the largest military aggregation in history.  But Kennedy’s followers portrayed him as an enervated old man who spent more time playing golf than in governing.

After his inauguration, Kennedy discovered that his campaign rhetoric, to use a favorite Democrat/Socialist pejorative, amounted to lies.  President Eisenhower, behind his grandfatherly public image, had been very much on the job; the United States held a crushing advantage over the Soviet Union in nuclear weapons and their delivery capability.

That transformation from propaganda perception to reality is now being repeated.  Read Charles Krauthammer’s Exit Bush, Shoes Flying.