The View From 1776

Weather Paganism

Maggie’s Farm has an interesting update on the fatuity of faith in man-made global warming.

If you believe in man-made global warming, as president-elect Obama and his EPA appointees do, your belief has to be based on blind faith in a reversionary paganism.  Your faith must also be coupled with the conviction that socialist state planners can control, not only our economy, but the entirety of God’s creation.

Your faith is blind ignorance, because there is absolutely zero proof for it.  Regarding the computer models upon which your faith is based, read Top 10 Dud Global Warming Predictions.

As the article states, computer models are not scientific devices to analyze data, seeking a rational hypothesis.  Model builders start with predetermined conclusions and endeavor to fit selected data to those conclusions.  To date, computer models have been completely useless in predicting what actually happened in the past. 

Computer models are devices for projecting what might happen if all of your personal prejudices were actually true.  As the old admonition puts it: “Garbage in, garbage out.”

We can’t even predict with complete accuracy what will happen to the weather in a relatively confined geographic area within the forthcoming week.  Yet Al “The Bloviator” Gore expects his blindly faithful acolytes to accept his predictions of what will happen a decade from now.