The View From 1776

Response to a Reader

One reader disliked Helicopter Ben Hovers.

Liberal-progressives responding to this website usually spew four-letter words (demonstrating an inability to think) or ignore the points made in the website post and attack things not in the post.

Responding to Helicopter Ben Hovers, Mr. Jay commented:

“It is very easy to complain, complain, complain, without suggesting a better course.”

My response:

Liberal-progressive-socialists have interminably demonstrated the truth of that statement, for the past eight years.  Their hatred for President Bush has produced nothing but complaints and accusations. 

Seeing the world as beset by an evil conspiracy, which can be combatted only by esoteric knowledge possessed by the elect (in this case Obama The One) is a fundamental characteristic of the modern-day gnostic religion that is liberal-progressive-socialism.

Mr. Jay, next commented:

“Or perhaps Mr. Brewton favors doing nothing?