The View From 1776

Dangerous Naivete

Senator Obama’s liberal-progressive mind-set is out of synch with the real world. 

One of liberal-progressive-socialism’s fundamental tenets was expounded in the mid-18th century by French Revolutionary philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau: people are naturally kind, benevolent, generous, and peaceful when they are not corrupted by a capitalist society that protects the rights of private property.

From this comes Senator Obama’s plan to levy higher taxes on the top earning and most innovative and productive members of society, as well as his eagerness to have tea parties, without preconditions, with the leaders of our foreign enemies.

The naivete of liberal-progressive-socialism has been tested on several occasions since the beginning of the 20th century.  It always has been found wanting.

Despite Senator Obama’s belief that rational discussion will solve every international conflict and Senator Kerry’s desire for sensitive relations with the putative community of nations, foreign policy is not a popularity contest.

For an excellent recap of the changing currents in foreign policy, read Power Play by Robert Kagan.

The nature of nations, like people, never changes. Today’s political realists say economics rather than military might has become the guiding principle of countries, but the conflict in Georgia shows otherwise…