The View From 1776

Why there is so much unbelief today

The View From The Right makes this on-target observation in Larry Auster’s January 4, 2005, posting:

In the past, people understood that life was a vale of tears, where goodness co-existed with hardship, misfortune, suffering, injustice, and crime, and they didn?t expect it to be otherwise.  They looked to God to show them a higher path transcending the sufferings and injustices of this world, but they didn?t expect him to eliminate them.  Suffering and injustice were the givens; God?s salvation was the new thing, the Good News.

Today it?s the opposite.  The expectation is that life should be perfect or close to perfect.  Any injustice or inequality in this world outrages us and proves that God doesn?t exist.  Instead of God being seen as man?s savior, showing us a higher way through the pains and inequalities of this life, God is judged as inadequate, or as non-existent, because pains and equalities exist.


To that I would add that it’s the secular religion of socialism that preaches Progress, the belief that intellectual planners in a socialistic government can regulate us to earthly perfection.  Ironically it is the pursuit of earthly perfection that intellectuals use to justify the most barbaric cruelty of man to man that the world has ever known.  American liberals cheered, for example, when Stalin liquidated millions of kulaks, because, as owners of private property, they stood in the way of socialist perfection.

Liberal atheists have oddly one-way minds.  Evil, they say, proves that there is no God, because it presumably represents failure.  Yet they continue to place their faith in the secular “god” of socialism, despite its failure everywhere to produce the promised earthly perfection.

Somehow, liberals are unwilling to consider that the repeated savageries of liberal-socialist totalitarianism and the massive disruption of society from programs like President Johnson’s Great Society prove that socialism is nonsense.  When will some Ivy League intellectual finally see the light and ask why he and his fellow religionists have continued for two hundred years to worship at the altar of socialism, the non-existent secular “god?”