The View From 1776

The Socialist Political State in Action

Speed and efficiency have never been the hallmarks of the socialist political state.

New York’s slow and extraordinarily costly shamble in rebuilding the World Trade Center after 9/11, now almost seven years ago, is a typical example of socialist state planning.  This fiasco is a model for what so-called progressive liberals, led by Senator Barack Obama, intend for socialized strangulation of the entire economy.

In its June 30, 2008, edition, the Wall Street Journal reports: 

The rebuilding of the World Trade Center will be pushed back into the next decade and will cost up to $3 billion more than planned. The Port Authority is set to release a report detailing significant delays and cost overruns on construction.

This may be disturbing to taxpayers who foot the bill, but it’s really good news for liberal-progressive-socialist politicians, of whom New York State and New York City have an ample supply.

As I noted roughly a year ago in World Trade Towers: a Socialist Fiasco:

We can count on government planners to produce the most inefficient projects conceivable by the human mind.