The View From 1776

Bad Advice from Graduation Speakers

The two worst admonitions commencement speakers can give to graduating students are “Go out and change the world,” and “Go into public service.”

Senator Obama employed both in his recent address to graduating students at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. 

Ironically, his speech was an exhortation for students to convert to the collectivist religion of socialism at a college founded in 1831 by the Methodist Church and named for the church’s great Christian founder John Wesley.  The fact that Senator Obama mispronounced the school’s name as “Wellesleyan” suggests that his gasp of Christianity, apart from the apostate black liberation theology, is a bit tenuous.

Urging inexperienced young students, brain-washed by liberal-progressive instructors, to change the world is like turning a kindergarten class loose in the control room of a nuclear reactor and urging them to experiment with dials and buttons.  Young people know how to destroy, as did the Baby Boomer student activists, but preserving the good and building for posterity is beyond them. 

The proper admonition is to work productively in useful businesses and professions while gaining wisdom and understanding of the real world, before tinkering with complexities that they do not yet comprehend.

Urging students to go into public service is to promote the least productive and most counterproductive element of society.  There already is a surplus of public service people working aggressively to create more welfare-state entitlements and to enroll more welfare dependents in new programs. 

Somebody has to do honest and productive work that will generate savings and tax receipts to pay for the welfare-state load we already carry.