The View From 1776

The Democrat/Socialist Party

It has long been plain to anyone prepared to look at the facts: the Democratic Party, since 1932, has been heart-and-soul devoted to bringing about the mythical socialist millennium of man-made earthly perfection.

As socialist economist, and liberal icon, Robert Heilbroner wrote (An Inquiry Into The Human Prospect):

For the middle-aged, educated, as I was, in the 1930s, this Victorian heritage was already regarded as a period piece, battered first by World War I, then dealt its death blow by the Great Depression.  But its comforting assurance had been replaced by an equally fortifying belief.  This was the view that history, working like a vast organic machine, would produce a good socialist society out of a bad capitalist one.

Thomas Segel adds another brushstroke to the picture of the radical, left-wing, atheistic, and generally bad policy aims of the Democrat/Socialist Party.  (I say atheistic, because socialism is a philosophically materialist religion that denies God and worships intellectual political planners as the only source of well-being for members of society, well-being defined exclusively in terms of money and physical handouts).


The Turning Over of the Falsehood Rock
By Thomas D. Segel
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Harlingen, Texas, May 24, 2008:  Oliver Wendell Homes said it best