The View From 1776

Bill Buckley in the Beginning

William F. Buckley, Jr’s., early clashes with liberal-progressive intellectuals illuminates the difficulty of the role that he played.

Read George Shadroui’s Crossing Swords: Dwight Macdonald and Journalism as Style over Substance, posted on the Intellectual Conservative website.

It’s lengthy, but the scope of the article more than justifies it. 

When William F. Buckley, Jr. graduated from Yale in 1950, liberal-progressives were supremely confident that socialism was mankind’s sole hope for peace, justice, and harmony.  So much so that they turned blind eyes toward Stalin’s mass murders in the Soviet Union.

Although Judeo-Christianity was the foundation of Western civilization, of conservatism, and of the United States itself, celebrated New York liberal icon and literary critic Lionel Trilling could write correctly that,